Alain Boite,
The choice of excellence.

Alain Boite

Chief Executive Officer
since 1984

Who are we ? The House Alain Boite

Pearl trader by formation, Alain Boite has started to take gemology classes from the “chambre syndicale du Diamant et des Pierres Précieuses”. But it is his uncle that actually taught him the intricacies of the profession.

Choose, drill, compose sets or even evaluate, one has to be patient in this trade because it can sometimes take several years to find matching and harmonious pearls.
When? In 1984, he creates his own society, specialized in importing and commercializing cultured pearls of the highest quality. The development at international level is lightning and the company is now exporting 70% of its merchandise.
He likes His greatest pleasure is to see that nowadays Frenches appreciate bigger sizes because Tahitian pearls introduced them to these new volumes.

Finally, Alain Boite strives to propose a large selection of high quality pearls, renewed at each of his purchasing campaigns in the world.